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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (EH08 - LC)

Despite laws and policies being in place for decades to protect families and children, lead remains a problem in Washington State and Snohomish County. This course is designed to guide child care providers and staff on how to keep children and families safe from the harmful effects of lead. Did you know there is no safe level of lead? In this course you will learn where lead was historically used, where it is currently still found and simple steps you can take to protect children and families from the effects of lead poisoning.
  • Class Notice
  • Helpful Hints
  • Course Overview
  • Course Development
  • Pre-course Check-in and Reflection
  • Pre-Test
  • Section Links
  • Section 1: Introduction to Lead
  • Section 2: Health Effects of Lead
  • Health Effects Mini-Test
  • King 5: Seattle Lead Levels in Children Higher Than Expected.
  • Section 3: Lead-based Paint and Lead-Dust
  • Remodeling Video from the EPA
  • Section 4: Lead In Drinking Water
  • Section 5: Lead in Soil
  • Section 6: Other Sources of Lead
  • Risk Review and Prevention Steps Survey
  • Lead assessment assignment
  • Lead Assessment Feedback
  • Where can Lead be Found in the Environment?
  • Section 7: Prevention, Testing and Conclusion
  • Nutrition and Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Menu Review
  • Menu Review Feedback
  • Services available for child care providers
  • Summary Video
  • Final Test - Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Optional Discussion Board
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  • Course Completion
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